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   Cannabis Purveyors Club's goal is to help keep Maine cannabis on the shelves of Maine retailers, to do this we take no percentage of sales on orders placed through the site. However, sellers and retailers looking to use the marketplace to buy and sell cannabis products must first sign up and pay a membership fee. The membership fees are used to keep the site active, allow useful features to be added to the website, and allows us to attend and host events for all members of the Maine cannabis community. 

   Members who join Cannabis Purveyors Club can choose between two membership packages. Basic memberships are for cannabis service providers looking for a place to post the services they offer, after posting services basic members can also message potential clients, and send invoices directly to clients to make getting paid easier than ever before. Caregivers and licensed retailers looking to take advantage of all the same features as a basic account while adding features like the wholesale marketplace where legally licensed members can post their Flower, Concentrates, Edibles, and other Infused products for sale. Just like with your basic members, advanced members can send and receive purchase orders. Members can also send messages to each other about products or services that are posted to the marketplace. Products and services posted by members are stored in their respective categories on the marketplace, along with products being posted to the marketplace advanced account holders also have their own custom seller page. This means that all   Members who choose the advance account can also take advantage of free products and storefront reviews that are posted to our blog and social media for all members of the cannabis community to see. 

    For those looking to become a member of Cannabis Purveyors Club, the process is quick and easy. After creating an account using the register tab at the top of the home page to register your account. Once registered sign in and follow the links at the bottom of this page, the links will bring you to Smith B2B our payment processing website for members of Cannabis Purveyors. As mentioned earlier the basic account is recommended for cannabis service providers to post services they offer, message clients, and send purchase orders directly. While licensed caregivers and retailers looking to buy and sell products on the marketplace should choose the advanced account membership. After users purchase their membership from SmithB2B the user must email their membership receipt number along with documentation stating that they are legally operating as a business, sole proprietorship, or Independent contractor to For members purchasing the advanced membership, looking to buy and sell products on the marketplace they must first submit their caregiver registration number before their allowed to post. Once received we review your information and confirm account details. Once everything checks out the membership is activated and the user can indulge in the marketplace along with all the other features that come with being a member of Cannabis Purveyors Club.

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