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12 Jun Maine's Most Profitable Plant
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Maine’s Most Profitable Plant Maine just had its best month in Marijuana sales ever, selling 5.4 million dollars of cannabis throughout Maine’s Adult use programs. That's one million dollars more in sales than last month. Even with the impressive numbers, there is still a surprising amount of issues within the legislation and rules regarding cannabis-related bills. The OMP (Office Of Marijuana Policy) has been holding weekly meetings to get together and brainstorm; How to pass bills that not onl..
07 Jun Growing Clones
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Starting a Clone for BeginnersIf you are still in the entry level of the marijuana world, here are a couple things you can consider when attempting your first growth of a clone. When the clone is acquired, it should be transplanted to a big enough container (one gallon is recommended to start) to allow roots to have room to stretch and keep growing. Some growers prefer to go right outside with it, but others prefer to wait.Clones are extremely sensitive. Whilst beginning to grow, they should be ..
06 Jun Marijuana Clones
Clones For many years, both amateurs and weed aficionados alike, have established and contributed to the cardinal fixation of growing cannabis clones. Whether it’s just beginning to learn forms of marijuana, or considering yourself a marijuana mastermind of its organic eminence, growers (and users) of all echelons find themselves a capacity in which they can revel in the natural process of marijuana growth. Clones are simply the cutoff of the mother marijuana plant that have the ability to grow ..
05 Jun Dabbling with Dabs
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Dabbling With Dabs              Cannabis bud is what most people think of when they hear weed or marijuana. Magical green plant matter that grows completely naturally, is how most old school (and new school) users get down with the concept of weed. However, with advancements in technology and cannabis becoming more legal by the day, there are new forms of cannabis to be consumed. One of these potent new forms is called concentrates. Concentrates use isolation of active ingredients within the can..
20 May Ice Cream Cake strain review
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Ice Cream Cake strain review             Ice cream cake is a heavy-hitting indica, this unique strain is a cross between Gelato 33 a favorite strain of mine, and wedding cake. For me, the mixture of the strains produces a great-looking bud that is very dense and covered in THC trichomes from top to bottom. The smell Ice Cream Cake gives off reminds me of baked sweets while also leaving an earthy pine smell in your nose. This strain smokes amazing with a quick-hitting body relaxation that leaves ..
19 May what is THC-A?
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THC-A    THC-A is a white or yellow crystalized rock substance derived from Marijuana extracts THC-A Is a concentration of cannabis but without a burning or heat element the THC-A crystals themselves aren’t psychoactive, however, if you do use a dab rig or apply some other heating element to the crystals they will vaporize and combust activating the THC inside the THC-a giving off very intense highs that hits virtually instantly. While cannabis flower can range typically anywhere from 10%-35% TH..
17 May Maine Cannabis Community Today
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Maine Cannabis Community Now    Today there was a vote on some important bills regarding Maine’s cannabis community. During the vote, you could hear many representatives letting out some of their thoughts and concerns with Maine's cannabis industry. There were many things brought up during their 2-hour long conversation about different bills and laws being proposed some of which would negatively impact the cannabis community. The strict Track and Trace rule being proposed by legislators is somet..
11 May Maine Cannabis
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What’s Next for Rec?               There used to be a time not so long ago in Maines past when able and willing adults over the age of 21 legally allowed to go to war drink and smoke cigarettes couldn’t use marijuana without facing huge penalties via fines and even jail time. Fast forward to today and anyone over the age of 21 can be seen walking into or out of a recreational marijuana shop holding a bag of cannabis goodies. This polar shift in the way that Maine looks at and markets marijuana ..
11 May Maine Made
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Her Place & His TimeSitting on a wide chunk of land in South Berwick, Maine stands Nature’s Miracle LLC. This successful southern Maine dispensary has spawned a plethora of original products from cake pops to sensual spray. Owner Eric also works as a nurse practitioner, giving medicinal marijuana an entirely new meaning with his extensive list of unique edibles and products that utilize either THC or CBD to help heal the body.Nature’s Miracle dispensary of Maine is on the rise, giving credit to ..
11 May What the Weed
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Sativa vs Indica Like many things in this world, a hybrid strain is a precious mix of more than one subject matter to create a result that is essentially the best of both worlds. This being said, there’s a variety of differences among strains in these categories if they stand alone in either, sativa or indica. A sativa is potentially going to be more enlightening than that of an indica, usually being a lighter, and more energized high. Some sativas are delightfully flavorful, often utilized when..
11 May What's Up With Us
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    Maine’s live Wholesale Marketplace      Hey, guys Cannabis Purveyors Club is here, we are an online marketplace for Maine caregivers to buy and sell their products wholesale to Maine-based retailers. We are working with producers now to get them signed up with a free seller account, so if you are a Maine local caregiver and would like to sign up please reach out to From flower to infused products we want you to post it all, the more items you post the more products we..
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